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In our six factories in Sri Lanka and Myanmar, sustainability is our guiding principle in production. In Myanmar, one of these factories has been awarded the very highest rating in environmentally sustainable constructions, the LEED Platinum* certification. This means that the factory has been given the “greenest” stamp possible, based on a rigorous certification process from one of the most highly regarded rating systems in the world for environmentally sustainable buildings. In 2017, we were also awarded a LEED Gold certification for our factory in Sri Lanka. For us at Blåkläder, as well as our customers, this is a strong testament to our sustainable endeavours both now and in the future.

Blåkläder is not a company to rest on its laurels, and we are always striving to be even better. Which is why we have a number of LEED projects underway, and we are working to add even more certifications to our résumé.


– Solar energy from solar panels lowers energy costs by at least 50%.
– Daylight sensor LED lighting.
– Water-cooled air conditioning – both low-energy and no risk of greenhouse gases such as CFCs.
– Prismatic skylights transmit and diffuse daylight, while keeping out UV rays and heat.
– Ceilings, walls and floors are light and reflective, to minimize the sun’s heat during the hottest hours of the day.
– At least 75% lower water costs thanks to self-closing taps and recycled water (for use in toilets or irrigation).
– At least 55% less CO2 emissions, thanks in part to energy-efficient solar panels. This is an important means of reducing CO2 emissions in the production chain.
– 30-40% of materials used in the construction projects were recycled, reducing the need for new production.
– Waste sorting to maximize recycling.

Our factory workforces give Blåkläder the opportunity to deliver world-class workwear. Which is why we are proud that our LEED certification promotes a good working environment and workplace safety for those who work in production. We are scrupulous about monitoring internal air in our factories and ensuring that they are well ventilated. Staff also receive training in how to conserve resources such as water and energy, as well as information on the benefits of choosing shared means of transportation to and from work. We are also working actively to increase the amount of employees who cycle. All of these measures are being implemented to make Blåkläder sustainable both now and into the future.

The LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Green Building Certification System was developed by the U.S. Green Building Council. The certification sets out guidelines for environmentally sustainable buildings, whatever the type of construction. Encompassing the entire process from design to construction, it includes energy efficiency, water consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. It also takes into account the local environment, sensitive nature, water shortages and available energy sources.

LEED is integrated into the entire construction process, and the building is validated based on seven rating categories:
– Sustainable Sites (SS)
– Water Efficiency (WE)
– Energy and Atmosphere (EA)
– Materials and Resources (MR)
– Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)
– Innovative Design (ID)
– Regional Priority (RP)
The five first categories form an environment-oriented requirement specification, while the sixth requirement, Innovative Design, relates to complementary design and construction with regard to durability. The last parameter, Regional Priority, refers to a rating based on geographical location. The rating categories are then weighted according to a points system of a maximum of 100 points.

The total amount determines the LEED certification level achieved:
• Certified (40–49 points)
• Silver (50–59 points)
• Gold (60–79 points)
• Platinum (80+ points)

It is a common misconception that constructing buildings with LEED automatically involves additional costs. What it does lead to, however, are lower running costs for the finished building. We are proud to be able to produce work clothes in an environmentally sustainable factory with the LEED Platinum Certification. This is something that benefits everyone, in the short as well as long term.

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