EN 531 - CE certified workwear for persons exposed to heat.

The standard has been withdrawn and replaced by EN ISO 11612. It is still allowed to sell garments certified to this standard, but no new garments will be certified.

Protective clothing certified according to EN 531 gives the wearer protection against brief contact with heat and flame. The heat can be convective, radiant, molten material, or a combination thereof.
The garment is classified for the following parameters:

(A) Limited flame spread

(B) Convective heat, a scale of 1-5 where 5 is best

(C) Radiant heat, scale 1-4, where 4 is best

(D) Molten aluminium splash, scale 1-3 where 3 is the best

(E) Molten iron splash, scale 1-3 where 3 is the best