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Blåkläder has zero tolerance of child labour. When recruiting, the applicant’s age is always verified. Our factories also make stringent requirements regarding the terms of employment for young workers. In line with our SA8000 certification, we also have a plan for remedying any instance of child labour that puts the child’s best interests first.

No form of forced or compulsory labour must occur at Blåkläder’s factories. The factories’ criteria in this area include that no cash advances or loans must be made to the employees (debt bondage), no personal documents must be confiscated, all wages must be paid and no fees must be charged for recruitment. Compliance with these criteria is monitored continuously as part of our SA8000 certification.
SA8000 requires a healthy and safe work environment for the employees. This concerns factors such as fire safety, use of machinery, first aid, protective equipment and clean toilet facilities. Our factories have routines for detecting, preventing and minimising occupational health and safety risks. All personnel receive safety training.
In line with SA8000, regular checks are made that our factories respect and inform personnel of their right to form and join trade unions and engage in collective bargaining. This also entails that no-one may be penalised or discriminated against for membership of a union.
At our factories, no-one shall be discriminated against on grounds of skin colour, gender, nationality, religion, age, marital status or other personal attributes. Recruitment shall be based on the individual’s ability to perform a given job. Wages are set in accordance with legal codes and based on the employee’s experience, performance and role. The factories’ anti-discrimination efforts are checked regularly through SA8000.
Inhumane disciplinary practices such as physical and mental coercion, corporal punishment and verbal abuse are prohibited at our factories. Compliance with this is monitored as part of our SA8000 certification. Where disciplinary actions are needed, explicit procedures must be followed.
The factories shall comply with applicable laws, collective bargaining agreements and industry standards on working hours, breaks and public holidays. In compliance with SA8000, a normal working week in our factories must not exceed 48 hours, and personnel are to be given at least one day off work per week. Overtime must not exceed 12 hours per week.
SA8000 certification requires that all our factories pledge to pay all their personnel a ‘living wage’, which shall be sufficient to afford a decent standard of living for the worker and her or his family. This means that food, water, housing, education, health care, transport, clothing, and other essential needs including unforeseen expenses shall be covered by the wage. In compliance with SA8000, personnel shall be reimbursed by a premium rate for overtime work.