EN 14404

Kneepads certified according to EN 14404 protects the wearer at work in the kneeling position.

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Knee protection class are classified as follows:

Appropriate use
Protection Class 0 Flat floor surfaces
Protection Class 1 Flat or uneven floor surfaces. Protects against penetration by a force of at least (100 ± 5) N
Protection Class 2 Flat or uneven floor surfaces under severe conditions. Protects against penetration by a force of at least (250 ± 10) N.

Knee-pad type is classified as follows:

Type 1 Kneepads independent of other clothing, fastened around the legs.
Type 2
Knee pads in foam or other padding, secured in pockets on the legs, or which is permanently attached to the pants.
Type 3
Knee pads not stuck to the body, but placed in position as the user moves around.
Typ 4
Knee pads, which is part of a unit with additional functions, such as the framework for support to stand up, or kneeling seat. Can be worn on the body, or be independent.